A quick introduction…

Since 1997 Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have been opening their doors to a small group of summer intern students.  As the years have gone by the group size has grown and more and more international students have made the jump across the pond to spend their summer at Moss Landing, California.  This year 17 interns, including 7 international students, will be working at the Institute from 14th June until 20th August.


The program gives the opportunity for students and teachers to work on a 10 week project under the supervision of MBARI staff.  The selected interns represent a variety of different backgrounds, education and experience.  The primary purpose of the internship program is to provide for the specific educational benefit of the intern and to make a contribution to the general good of the oceanographic community.

The 2010 summer interns (all but one who was still pond-hopping)

For anyone interested in marine science or engineering, this blog is designed to give an insight into our summer experience.  You can follow us through the projects, learn a little about the Institute and the people who work there.  You will get to see a lot of Moss Landing and Monterey, and just what a hard working intern does to cool off in the evenings and weekends.  We have a lot planned already, it’s going to be a busy summer!!

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