Our first week

Wow, that flew past pretty quickly!  All the interns met up on Sunday night for a welcome BBQ.  This gave us a chance to meet everyone, including the intern coordinators George Matsumoto and Linda Kuhnz.  Our entire first day at MBARI was taken up with orientation, meeting our project mentors, chatting to the MBARI sea lions and getting lost… a lot!  The afternoon was a special experience for some of the international students (including myself!) when we had our first ever root beer float.

A loud greeting every morning from the MBARI sea lions

On Tuesday, while the American students got down to their first day of work, the internationals had some admin to do.  This involved a morning in the social security office and an afternoon opening bank accounts.  A bit of a dry day but we were treated to a great hamburger lunch!  In the evening we all went down to Monterey’s Farmer’s Market – a great place for fresh fruit and veg, I think this is going to be a weekly event!

Musicians at the Farmer's Market

On Wednesday we had a really interesting seminar from Glenn Chen who works at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  He talked to the MBARI staff about his work managing steelhead trout populations in Alaska for subsistence fisheries.  A few interns also had the chance to go out for lunch with Glen and hear more about his work and his career path.

This was a short first week as we had Friday off so we took the opportunity to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  They have an amazing array of exhibitions including the deep ocean, kelp forests, sea otters, sea turtles and flamingos.  After the aquarium we wandered along Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Melissa and Izzy excited about the aquarium!

Monterey's famous Cannery Row

Then on Saturday we drove up to Santa Cruz.  It’s quite foggy in Moss Landing so most of us were in need of a little sun….

The boardwalk

Seabright beach, Santa Cruz

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