Big Sur

Another weekend, another chance to wheedle the car owners to drive us somewhere new.  We live in seaside at the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) student campus.  Like Moss Landing, it’s near the coast which means that instead of the brilliant Californian sunshine we all expected, pretty much everyday is a different level of fogginess.  This is probably a good thing as it keeps us all away from the beach when we should be working, but at the weekends everyone is very keen to drive a little south or a little inland and catch some sun!

Last weekend we went north to Santa Cruz so on Sunday we filled two cars with picnic food and headed down the famous Highway 1 to see Big Sur.  It was too foggy on the drive down to realise the coastline that was passing by us so we headed straight for Pfeiffer State Park.  This stretches from the coast to nearby 3000 foot ridges.  We got the chance to see Redwoods and the 80 foot Pfeiffer waterfall.

Californian Redwoods

Cooling off at the Pfeiffer waterfall

Although we luckily missed out on the mountain lions!

We had our lunch, some of us went swimming in the water while others preferred to relax in the sun and stay warm!  The fog had cleared for the journey back and we finally saw what we had missed on the way down – the Big Sur coastline.  Words and pictures can’t really describe it, try and get there some day.

Seeing as the fog had cleared and, although it was now late in the afternoon, the sun was still shining, we decided to make a final stop at Carmel beach.  Paddling, frisbee and relaxing in the setting sun.  My paddling went a bit extreme though…..

Carmel beach

Extreme paddling!

All topped off with fish and chips on Fisherman’s Wharf back in Monterey left a very sleepy pack of interns happily crashing into bed before the start of our third week at MBARI.

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