Project updates and cookie breaks!!

Every Monday at 2:15 pm, one of the researchers at MBARI gives a presentation about their project.  These project updates are a great way for everyone here to stay up to date about what other work is going on.  It can also give you ideas about your own work, or you may be able to suggest a solution to another group’s problems.  Basically it keeps up good communication within the institute, and for the interns it’s a great way for us to see all the different things that can be done under one scientific roof!

Last Monday we heard from Izzy’s mentor David Clague, who talked to us about submarine volcanism (= volcanoes deep under the water!).  As well as telling us about some of his research group’s current work, David showed us some amazing videos of underwater eruptions.

You should have a look at the research group’s webpage!

After the presentation comes the cookie break.  Although this may sound like a way for us to take 30 minutes off work and eat lots of sugary snacks I can assure you it’s a very important part of the week!  It gives everyone a chance to chat in a relaxed atmosphere and the interns can talk to people they wouldn’t normally get the chance to see in their average work day.  The cookie break was geology-themed this week as Melissa Meiner Johnson baked up “sediment core” and “MB-System GUI” cakes, and “methane hydrate” lemonade!

Methane hydrate lemonade

Sediment core cake

An important part of the MBARI working week!

Where there's cake, there are interns...

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