The half way point!

5 weeks have quickly passed us by and only another 5 lie ahead!  I was interested at this point to see what parts of the internship had really stood out for everyone so far.  These are the answers I got.

Izzy: The intern kayaking afternoon on the Elkhorn Slough and watching Becks walk straight into a screen door at Spencer’s house in Sonoma!

Bartolome: Seeing the Tuna Conservation and Research Center during our behind the scenes tour of the Monterey bay Aquarium, and WimbleBARI!!!

Katie L: The kayaking day and seeing a sunfish during our family trip to the Channel Islands.

Sara: The massive sunfish at the Tuna Conservation and Research Center, and getting my DNA to amplify!

Katie M: Ari Shapiro’s seminar on communicating science.

Dan: Getting to see how the massive jellyfish exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium really works on our behind the scenes tour.

Chris: The day on the R/V Zephyr.  It was an AUV dive (autonomous underwater vehicle) and I was able to watch the launch and talk to both the scientists and the engineers involved.

Becks: The day at sea on the R/V Point Lobos, watching the video the ROV was sending up from the depths then getting to drive it!  And the afternoon we came across a sea otter on the way back from a lunch time trip to the fruit market.  It was floating in the water right next to us cleaning itself and watching the world go by.  If it hadn’t eventually swam off I think I’d still be there.

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